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Friday, March 20, 2009

the bitch list

well, this is more of a pet peeve list, but im calling this 'the bitch list' cuz i bitch about how ridiculous these topics are.

  • the environment-i am a notorious critic of global warming. i don't believe that it exists because NON-GOV'T FUNDED SCIENCE IS TELLING A DIFFERENT STORY!!!! we're getting colder (NOT warmer!), and carbon dioxide is much too heavy to float up to the ozone layer. while opposing it pretty much labels you the equivalent of a heretic, if you want to recycle and go 'green', thats fine BUT DONT BAMBOOZLE ME INTO DOING SO CUZ I MAY NOT BE ABLE TO AFFORD IT!!!! but also, aside from the cost, 'green' technology is so new, that its worth and effectiveness hasn't even been proven yet!
  • mispronouncing 'illinois'-over my vacation, i was watching TMZ when one of their spazzes interviewed a hunky republican IL senator, and when the spazz said the name 'illinois', he included the 's' at the end of my state's name, so that it sounded like 'ill-in-oys', not 'ill-in-oy'. i wanted to strangle that spazz!! there is absolutely NO excuse for mispronouncing a state's name!! especially if you grew up in this country!! i commented about this on zen wizard's overrated list, but this happens alot with people not from the midwest. illinois is french, as the french dominated the midwest at one point in history, and they left their legacy in the names of the towns, cities, counties, and states (IL, detroit, des moines, joliet, du page (county in IL), fond-du-lac, lacrosse, etc).
  • teachers who talk about their personal lives in class-when i was in high school, i used to encounter this alot. i mean, its ok if you talk a little about your personal life to add some variety to class discussions, but dont get into the graphic details! i had a summer school health-careers teacher who told us that when her kids were born and as she was giving birth, the water from her amniotic sac sprayed the intern obstetrician who had come to help her give birth. stuff like that you just dont talk about in class. plus, she talked alot about her kids, and that really bugged me.
  • homework over vacation-the peeve says it all
  • tests after vacation-like the professor thinks anyone is actually gonna study over the course of the vacation. pffft, yeah right.
  • announcers who are boring as hell-i found this to be common in football games, but some nationwide general-sports announcers just plain suck.
  • obama-i am a conservative, and i do not approve of our current president's course of action because they are damaging the moral, and industrial fabric of our country. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! THE MAN IS NOT GOD!!! first he'll take away our jobs and give us a welfare state as well as saddling our future generations with mountains of debt. then, he'll take away our kids and have them serve in brownshirt-style 'obama corps'. i kid you not. it came right outta his mouth on the campaign trail, only he called it, i believe, a 'civilian volunteer army'. in that vein, he seeks to make 'community service' a mandatory thing. EXCUSE ME?! i thought the whole point of 'community service' was a voluntary thing!! even criminals on parole have an option of doing community service as a condition of their parole. if you make community service mandatory, the quality of the service may start to go down because people are being FORCED to do it, not because they want to be there. if you WANT to be there, 9/10 you'll find a better environment.
  • liberals-i do not like your kind very much. modern liberalism is a double-standard: you're wrong and because you're wrong, you're a *insert label here*. not only have you taken over the media, you're decieving us into destruction.

well, thats the bitch list for tonight.



  1. I could have sworn I commented on this B!tch list but I guess I didn't so here goes:

    You go, girlfriend!!

  2. Good rant. The Obama Youth and it's "paid volunteers" is perhaps the most sickening part of the Obamanation so far.

  3. @ chef troll:

    i remembered hearing that during the campaign trail, and i came across it later on WND. also, all those chilling videos of kids in uniforms marching in honor of or singing praises to barry-o on youtube help.