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Saturday, April 18, 2009

tea party pix

hi everyone!
sorry im a little late in posting. ive been really busy with tests and biology and stuff like that. i went to the tucson tea party on wed. i had intended to go to the one at the valdez library, but i got off at the wrong stop downtown and it just so happened that the stop i got off at led right to the pima county judicial district. this particular tea party was held at the old pima county courthouse. its a nice looking building and the protest was in the back plaza.

as you can see, it was really crowded. it was also really hot.
at the tea party, there was a barrage of signs.

there was also a band performing. i forgot what they were called, but it was a country band.

after the band was finished playing, the organizers got up, gave a rallying speech, and demanded that we call the congress non-representatives. since im not an AZ resident (im sorta resident-less cuz i have an AZ drivers license, but most of my legal paperwork is still in IL), i couldnt call and harass the non-reps (i dont know my IL non-rep's number). i heard the organizers say that us angry constituents had jammed the phone lines and fax lines. i believe he used the term "burn their phone lines!"

im sure you'll want to know what kind of "treasonous" activities i participated in at the protest. truth be told, i didnt really do anything. since i couldnt stay long cuz i had to go back to school for class, i was only able to stay for 1/2 an hour or so. i couldnt bring a sign cuz you're not supposed to bring that kinda stuff on buses (i dont have a car, so im forced to rely on public transportation). instead, i brought a small tea bag. afterall, you cant go to a tea party without tea! and contrary to what the media has been misinforming you, the protesters were VERY WELL BEHAVED!! there were lots of boos, but nobody got rowdy. there were kids there, and who wants to set a bad example by brawling in front of the kids?

upon arriving back at UA, i got back just in time to watch the white sox get womped by detroit during my lunch hour. thankfully, it was only the end of the game, so i didnt have to suffer watching it.


  1. It really depends on what part of Illinois you're a non-resident from, but here's a list of your non-reps, and a link that will show you how to contact them.
    Bean, Melissa L., Illinois, 8th
    Biggert, Judy, Illinois, 13th
    Costello, Jerry, Illinois, 12th
    Davis, Danny K., Illinois, 7th
    Gutierrez, Luis, Illinois, 4th
    Foster, Bill, Illinois, 14th
    Hare, Phil, Illinois, 17th
    Halvorson, Deborah "Debbie", Illinois, 11th
    Jackson Jr., Jesse L., Illinois, 2nd
    Johnson, Timothy V., Illinois, 15th
    Kirk, Mark, Illinois, 10th
    Lipinski, Daniel, Illinois, 3rd
    Manzullo, Donald, Illinois, 16th
    Quigley, Mike, Illinois, 5th
    Roskam, Peter J., Illinois, 6th
    Rush, Bobby L., Illinois, 1st
    Schakowsky, Jan, Illinois, 9th
    Schock, Aaron, Illinois, 18th
    Shimkus, John, Illinois, 19th
    Here is a link to a map that will help you find which district you have (outside of Chicago) and a link in case you are a non-resident inside Chicago

    Here are your non-Senators:

    Hope this helps :)

  2. thanks burtie!! that helps alot!

  3. No's kinda what I do (or have I said too much...?)

  4. no, thats fine. what do you do for a living?

  5. I don't know if I should say. My pimp wouldn't like it. Shit! Now the cat is out of the bag!

  6. haha!! no really, burtie, what do you really do for a living?

  7. I am an assistant to Governor Blagovich. I'm trying to get him involved in this crazy reality show somewhere in Latin America. Just for the record, I don't think the hair is real. I think he and the Donald have the same wig maker.

  8. hahaha!!! actually, its real. i remember reading an article about good ol' blago that came out right around impeachment time. apparantly, blago was trying to make a name for himself boxing, but in his 1st match, he got KO'd for trying to protect his infamous hair. what a diva!

    your real job must really suck if you wont tell me what it is.

  9. Nah, just kinda public. I mean no offense.

  10. I'll probably slip up later, but I am an old man who is suspicious about the Interwebz.

  11. thats ok. i dont work for the gov't if thats what you're assuming. i detest the monstrosity that has become our current gov't. i try to express that view on this blog here.

  12. I work for our state, but not in any sort of government position - not an assistant, a secretary, nor under secretary, nor under a secretary :) nor any cog in the government's wheel. But, the monstrosity is my primary employer.

  13. in the words of eric cartman: "that sucks"

  14. Not really, I was just hired by the state. I'm employed elsewhere. Doin' stuff.

  15. so what does big brother have you doing?