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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Doctor Visit

Greetings, dear readers!

Today was a highly anticipated doctor's visit. The baby hadn't been sick, but it was time for her regularly scheduled 9 month check up and booster. Our pediatrician always is thrilled to see us because every time he does, he is amazed by how much the baby is growing and how rapidly her development is progressing.

Look at mah teefies!

This visit was no exception. The pediatrician's nurse admired the baby's beauty and took her measurements. She weighs in at 21 lbs, but I was surprised it was that much as she had outgrown her size 3 diapers and her size 4 diapers are a bit small on her too. She looks and feels much heavier. The pediatrician finally saw her and was thrilled with her progress. He exclaimed that if he didn't have her as a patient, he would have guessed she was at least a year old based on how far she'd blown past her milestones. The pediatrician was also happy because we were his last patients of the day and just about every kid he'd seen today had some kind of flu or cold, so he got to end his day with a healthy baby. He gave us some pointers on keeping her emerging teeth clean by using a bit of baking soda and a gum massager twice a week as well as when to start seeing a dentist for regular checkups. He advised waiting until her top teeth came in so that there would actually be something for the dentist to look at.

We also received some surprising news. Since the baby is progressing well on eating solid foods, the pediatrician gave us the all-clear to start feeding her fish. I was a bit surprised on this bit of news because I always thought seafood, like dairy, should be off limits until the child is at least a year old. However, the general consensus is moving towards introducing foods early as a means of warding off food allergies, which are skyrocketing among America's children. As for the dairy products, he recommended giving the baby limited amounts of yogurt and cheese, but no liquid cows milk. It wasn't so much allergies as much as her digestive system not yet being able to digest the lactose. Alternatives to cows milk, like goat milk, were encouraged.

Our pediatrician also was relieved to hear that when feeding the baby, she eats what we eat (sometimes with limited modification) and anything we give her is not full of added sugar or high fructose corn syrup. He then proceeded to tell us about another child he'd seen earlier today who was due to start eating solid foods, and the father inquired about whether it was ok to give the child candy (he inquired specifically about Jolly Rancher candies), much to the dismay of the pediatrician. Needless to say, the pediatrician had to correct the father on what sort of foods are appropriate for children.

After giving her the all-clear, we got our discharge papers, a final flu shot dose, and left to go home. Hubby had to work tonight and needed to change into his work clothes.

And that was how I spent my Tuesday. Time to go finish my taxes and get my refund!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your child. i am sure the flu shot will take effect and really bring him round again. Having the flu all the time can be really impactful on the immune system. My wife and I have children too and they are constantly getting the flu and so we decided to get flu shots regularly. Take care.

    Terry Roberson @ MedCare Pediatric

    1. Actually, my child DIDN'T get the flu. I did, but thankfully no one else in the family did. The flu shot she got was a finished booster for precautionary purposes.

      Thank you for stopping by and take care as well