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Friday, July 24, 2009

Which "ism" is on Display at Harvard?

allen keys writes a commentary piece about the criminal debaucle in cambridge, MA involving that wacko harvard "professor" henry gates.

Which 'ism' on display at Harvard arrest?

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bein' a cop is a dangerous job. when you get called to investigate a break-in, you dont know if the suspect is still on the property, if they're armed, etc. in my home city of chicago, cops are slaughtered by gangbangers left and right. almost everyday, some cop gets shot and killed. just leave them alone and let them do their jobs. besides, a black cop accompanied the arresting cop, and the black cop said that the white cop followed procedure to the "T".

i've also heard rumors that the white cop was bugged with a microphone at the time of the arrest! hopefully soon, the audio of the event will be made public so that we know what REALLY happened. but im sure barry will want this hushed up fast, cuz if the audio comes out and it shows that he's wrong, barry will be left with egg on his face.

looks like somebody's got some 'splainin' to do...


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