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Thursday, September 3, 2009

He wants you 'hatemongers' silenced

uh-oh! bad news for bloggers like me!

He wants you 'hatemongers' silenced

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unconstitutional, YES!!! i mean, you can only squash dissent so much before it boils over. if the president and his goons take the ultimate step in "bumping off" the dissenters, god forbid, you can only take so many lives before people start getting smart and fighting back. you can't possibly kill every single person who disagrees with you! dissent, though irritable, should never be outlawed for it keeps us on our toes.

there's a saying my mom's people, the serbs, have. it goes: "we'll be back". after WWII, the communists drove the king and his supporters out of the country. homesick refugees said that one day, hopefully, they would return to their homeland-thus, "we'll be back" was born.

our day has come. we may be condemned and labeled as terrorists for our traditional conservative beliefs, and some individuals may pay the ultimate price for their beliefs, but in the end, we will win. the dream of freedom will never die.

since you leftists like communists so much, i'll leave you with a choice quote:

"you can kill 10 of my men for every 2 that i kill of yours. but even at these odds, you will lose and i will win"-ho chih minh



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