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Friday, February 14, 2014


You've built your life up
It seems so secure
But then the unexpected appears
And you crash down unsure

The ones you called friends and allies
Turn their backs in your darkest hour
They will even betray you
Drunk with newfound power

Now you must flee
Your life depends on it
Where you are going, God knows
But this current place is unfit

Finally, God guides you to a new place
You can settle and begin to rebuild
But, oh how the hate burns inside you
For the betrayers who wanted you killed

The world says karma will get them
Jesus says turn the other cheek
While the betrayers bask in their malevolent bliss
And your own faith feels so weak

But then something miraculous happens
Your utmost dependence on God brings fruit
His protection and guidance sustain you
And doubt begins to uproot

And when you encounter reminders
Of the life you'd left behind
It hurts to know you can never return
But you are also no longer blind

There are others out there like you
Pushed away or thrown out like the trash
You are an exile
And like the phoenix, you will rise again from the ash


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