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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

tea party or no tea party?

since tomorrow is tax day, and tucson is hosting a tea party, i was thinking about going. i think this would be a good way to protest the trillions of debt that my children and grandchildren will inherit, and since im not politically active, this would be a good way for me to otherwise get involved. though this is potentially sedatious as even questioning barack's policies is seen as racism, i have to make my voice heard. if the chicago thugs won't listen, then maybe out here in AZ they will. it could be potentially dangerous, as all it takes is some rogue protesters to unleash the cops on us. hell, even the missouri state police is considering going after people who are considered "right-wing terrorists"-which basically means you're an ordinary pro-life, gun-rights, religious person, want smaller gov't, and encompass everything that true republicans ally themselves with.

perhaps im just being paranoid, and i would really like to go (i know the bus routes to get there), but there's the problem of classtime. though my 1st class tomorrow isnt till 3 pm, im worried that i'll lose track of time and be late. plus, its a 1-hr wait between bus circuits. i'll probably go, but i'll only stay for a short while. i have 2 locations to choose from: the valdez library or presdio park. neither of which are terribly far from UA. like i said, i dont know which 1 i'll go to.

there's also a white sox game on wgn tomorrow and i'd really like to see that too, but my rights are way more important than baseball. plus, i have my phone to keep track of the scores.

i might also take pix and if i do, i'll post them here.

goodbye and i'll report back from my day at the tea party!! we will not let this communist regime tromp all over us like we're cockroaches!!


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