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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pictures of the Day


Recently, I was changing the bed sheets after hubby and I woke up to a carnage of fig bars smeared all over the covers. I keep telling him not to leave food in the bedroom, but he never listens because hubby is a chronic snacker and needs to satisfy his munchies when he wakes up at night. In addition to tempting the baby with mischief, I'm tired of having to brush crumbs out of the clean bed every time I lay down in it as well as vacuuming the carpet every other day.

As it were, the baby decided to "help" me with putting on the sheets...

There's a ghost in my bedroom!
Like many small children, she discovered the magic of a bed sheet. Flare it up, and it's like an instant tent! When she gets older, she'll probably run around the house wearing a sheet as a cape, just like I did when I was little.

It wasn't a ghost, it was my baby daughter!

The bed eventually did get made and the carpet vacuumed of all the crumbs that came out of the blankets. I really should make my hubby do the vacuuming in the bedroom. After all, the one who makes the mess is the one who needs to clean it up, right?

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