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Thursday, May 7, 2009

"fairness doctorine" killed the radio star

i came across this story on WND a few days ago, but i cant seem to find it anywhere.

WND has been pretty good about reporting on the fairness doctorine-a legislative piece that will essentially kill conservative opinion talk radio by forcing conservative radio stations to hold liberal talk shows to "balance" the views. if the station refuses to comply, the licenses are revoked or heavy fines may be imposed.

but what caught my attention about this story was this: apparantly, the obama stooge in charge of constructing the fairness doctorine, whose name i cant remember, wants to give out licenses ONLY to radio stations that are owned by women and minorities. apparantly, stations owned by women and minorities are statistically more likely to carry liberal radio programs.

HOWEVER, statistics also show that conservative radio stations tend to have alot more money then liberal ones. this is because advertisers are more apt to pick conservative stations because they have a larger audience. the station earns alot of money from those ads. naturally, the statists like obama and company want everyone to be poor and miserable, so they'll naturally attack the wealthy conservatives, regardless of what the people say.

after reading that story, i came up with an idea, provided that the fairness doctorine comes to pass. being a woman (and for minority privileges, i'll play up my slav/mediterranean roots-hey, if random shmos can pull it off, so can i), once i finish college, i think i'll own my own radio station. since by then, my favorite radio hosts rush limbaugh, mark levin, and michael savage (he's had a heluva week) (sorry sean, but you're too polite) will have been banished from the airwaves, but i will bring them back to the air. sure i'll carry the manditory liberal crap, but i'll find a way to squeeze rush and co. in, even if its after dark and they can only play in the wee hours of the night/morning. being from the people's republic of IL, i know that no law is foolproof-if there is a loophole, find it and exploit it.

the revolution is only beginning.



  1. Interestingly, the fairness doctrine has its roots in the early Sixties when Kennedy tried to implement it to quiet the right wing preacher Billy James Hargis.

    They like to say, "Well, it's a license; so it's a privilege to have it and we can tell you what to do and blah blah blah..."

    I am glad they never pull that $#!T with driver's licenses--wait I don't want to give them any ideas!

  2. zen wizard-

    actually, i remember reading about the fairness doctorine's roots being in the earlier decades (only i thought the doctorine was drawn up after WWII), and reagan thankfully abolished such an unconstitutional piece of legislature. but i didnt know about billy james hargis. public school really blows.

    if you recieve anything from the gov't, they call it a privilege. but by giving you stuff, they literally grab a hold of your balls and dont let go cuz they own you. these last few years have made that statement all the more evident.

    besides, if a license is a "privilege", then i have the right to use it at my disposal like the ACORN thugs and random shmos who abuse the system and get away with it do. you're too late about the drivers license thing. i see people abusing their license privileges all the time. used to happen with alotta my peers in high school.