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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

illegal GPS tags-coming to your front door soon

here's a disturbing story i read about during my lunch hour.

the white house has ACORN (yeah, remember those thugs?) teaming up with the census bureau, and together, they're going around to every house in the country to put GPS tags on the property-w/in 40 ft of the front door. while it may sound innocent, imagine how sleezy this could turn out to be. though you can say that im regurgitating the "right-wing fearmongering crap", if your house is GPS tagged, its marking your property so that you can be found or tracked down more easily by anyone with a GPS device. its the equivalent of painting the lamb's blood on the door. imagine what could happen to you or your family if the exact coordinates of your house was to land in the hands of someone seedy-such as an obama brownshirt who decides that he's had enough of you, a god-fearing pro lifer, and your "bigoted" views. with the coordinates of your house, the brownshirts could break into your house in the middle of the night and take you away, like what the soviets and red china used to do to dissenters and others whom they disagreed with (and occasionally it happens in this modern day). though this is an extreme scenario, it could very well be the case. how frightening would it be to wake up one morning and find the religious, little granny next door mysteriously missing and there's no record of her existance, even though you saw her just yesterday? its like something out of "animal farm" or "1984".

i mentioned earlier that the census bureau was involved with the GPS markings. HOWEVER, in an ironic twist, THE US CENSUS ISNT DUE TO BE CONDUCTED TILL 2010!!

people who've confronted the censors were threatened with fines and legal action if they continued to protest the censor's presence and action on their property. when angry homeowners complained directly to the local censor's office, they were given vague answers. with this many numbers, it could be coincidence, but given the thuggery of ACORN, its plausible that there is something going on that shouldn't. but its not the end! a lawyer in TX is looking into the situation to see if he can get the grounds for a class-action lawsuit against the census bureau.

before i sign off on this post, id like to share some personal thoughts. with regards to the totalitatarian steps the obama administration has been taking, im beginning to wonder about my own safety. given my conservative views-which distinguish me from many of my peers and even my parents! (i think im more right-wing than my parents!!)-in a way im playing with fire. in this day and age, im liable to be as persecuted as the early christians for my opinions! but i have history behind me. i will not be a drone like the rest of my peers.

in english this semester, perhaps conveniantly so, we learned how to use and manipulate rhetoric. this has served me well, for when i watch the news, i can see right through the stories and the reporters like a windowpane. hell, i can read obama like a book and the things he says are just plain words-empty as a drum, or when he's not using the teleprompter, that his words take on a more sinister meaning. i like to think im an informed citizen-perhaps dangerously so, but i dont regret it. until i get chased into canada or shipped off into siberia, i will continue to berate the obama administration for the harm they do to this great country until those bums are thrown outta office.

god bless america!


  1. Could ACORN put a GPS marker in front of bin Laden's door? Because that is a GPS marker that I could get behind...he is just ever so slightly more dangerous than some old lady with twelve cats collecting Social Security.

  2. zen wizard, the gov't is marking us in order to make it easier to track down and get rid of the dissenters. if grandma and her 12 cats are found to be involved in church activities, such as preaching the bible-under the obama administration-she'll get shipped off in the middle of the night to a mysterious location never to be heard from again. gps markers led the brownshirts right to her front door in a matter of hours, whereas before it would have taken days to find her.