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Friday, May 1, 2009

mob rule

uuggghh!! here we go again.

as i was listening to mark levin's radio show, he played an interesting soundbite from a MI radio station that is bringing out the real face of the obama administration.

in this soundbite, a lawyer named jefferey loria (i think) is interviewed by the host of this radio show. anyway, loria is representing some of the people involved in the chrystler-fiat deal. based on what i'd been able to pick up, some of these high-profile clients are contractually obligated to recieve money owed to them (i think in the form of stocks and dividends). but what got my attention about this case is that when the clients tried to get their money, the white house threatened to drag the clients names through the mud if they continued to press on. it got to one of the clients and the client dropped his name out.

this sounds like a tactic employed by mobsters, similar to "the godfather" or "the sopranos"-if you dont agree with us, we're gonna squash you like the leech you are. aside from not being fair, its illegal. im not a lawyer, but even a half-wit like myself knows that failing to honor a contract is grounds for legal action. hell, the white sox were facing the same shit when they jilted north to phoenix outta tucson.

whats next? will the white house start ordering hits on unruly business owners because they refuse to take gov't money?

shame on you barack!! you can fool some of the people some of the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you cant fool all of the people all of the time. someone's gonna get smart eventually! how dare you tell us to make sacrifices when your own wife goes to help in a homeless soup kitchen wearing expensive designer clothes?! even more so, how do you have the audacity to classify god-fearing constitutionalists like myself terrorists?! you might be able to escape the wrath of the people, but even you cannot escape the wrath of god!

god help us all.


  1. You can fool me once, on you. You fool me twice, can't fool me again!

  2. the man has verpes without the teleprompter (verpes=verbal herpes; coined by john kass, a chicago opinion writer when talking about that bumbling stumbling biden and his 'stay off the airplanes' comment). barack is a wolf in sheepskin-power via subversion. and since the drive-bys are his whores and wont report the news like its their job to do so, its up to the angry young conservative people like me to stick it to barack and keep him up at night.

  3. There you go, sister! Preach on!
    I like to think of myself as a conservative whenit comes to government, but liberal when it comes to private matters. Keep the government small, and outta my business, and I'm happy :)

  4. id say you're more of a libertarian.

  5. I don't really know enough to have an opinion...all I know is that if you go Chapter 11, a federal judge is god with a small "g" because any contracts are just what he or she says they are--e.g., "You get 25-cents on the dollar...." I am not sure if this is a quasi-BR deal or what....Deal in lieu of BR? I guess I should be following it more closely.

    If the Obama administration wants to get macho--which they seem to be doing with cars--I would clean the clock of those AIG guys, who remind me of welfare mothers who use food stamps to buy lobster tail ahead of me at Kroger...only with more potential to, like, destroy Western Civilization and stuff...what happened to publishing the names of the AIG guys who got the bonuses? Is that still in the works? They changed my job after the Crash of 2008 so now I actually have to work for a living and I don't get to read up on this stuff.

  6. what did you do for a living before, zen wizard?

  7. Actually, you're just about spot on with that assessment. I try to stay away from any categories, in the words of the great Ferris Bueller: "-ism's in my opinion are not good."