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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Response to Tim Tebow Ad

Like over 100 million people in America, I watched the Super Bowl this past Sunday.

Like those 100 million people, I saw the most hotly-anticipated ad in Super Bowl history: the one with the most beloved college QB in America, Tim Tebow.

About 2 weeks prior to Sunday, the feminazi groups like NOW and NARAL got wind that a conservative group called Focus on the Family had paid money for a pro-life ad that would play during the Super Bowl. Naturally, the feminazis went COMPLETELY berserk!! Everyone from NOW to the NY Times was screaming for CBS, the station that aired the Super Bowl this year, to pull the ad in favor of one that was "pro-choice". Fortunately, CBS found their balls said no to the feminazis.

When the ad finally came on, it featured Pam Tebow, Tim's mom, talking about her difficult pregnancy with Tim. Mrs. Tebow had contracted amoebic dysentry in the Phillipines while on a missionary trip, and while on powerful drugs for the disease, she became pregnant with her famous son. The doctors told her that she should abort her child, since the drugs had affected the pregnancy, but Mrs. Tebow refused. She said that many times, she nearly miscarried. But fortunately, she carried Tim to term, and he was born healthy. The ad then showed Tim playfully tackling his mom, and she playfully scolds him for tackling her. The two then hug. It was really a sweet ad-not once was the word "abortion" mentioned! You can see for yourself below.

After the ad was finished, I thought to myself "Is that what all the fuss was about?"

But now the feminazis have been left with egg on their faces. They were spewing their angry rhetoric BEFORE the ad was ever aired. Now that the ad has been aired, they have been exposed for the anti-family, anti-baby, death-cult fanatics that they are, to paraphrase an open letter by Dr. Gerald Nadal. Even some liberals were appalled by the behavior of the feminazis. The scandalously liberal Washington Post wrote an article IN FAVOR of Tim Tebow's ad!

But believe it or not, Tim Tebow is not the first football player to express views in favor of life. In 1989, the American Life League produced a video featuring 6 players from the 1987 NY Giants Super Bowl team. These players, ranging from the devoutly Catholic Mark Bavaro, to the unlikely Phil Simms, all spoke in favor of life in the womb. The athletes condemned the abortion industry for the huge number of casualties it created, and this was in 1989-over 20 years ago!

Here's the video featuring the 1987 NY Giants. It's called "Champions for Life".

If only there were more people like Tim and the '87 Giants to stand up for what they believe.




  1. Being more of a fan of college football than pro ball, I am one of the three folks in America who did not watch the Superbowl (the other two being my son and wife).
    When I first saw the ad on Youtube I was amazed at just how tame it was. It's just like the pro-abortion Liberals to blow everything out of proportion.

  2. My point exactly-if you don't agree with their views, you are demonized.

    But I was pleasantly surprised to find that "Champions for Life" video. If it wasn't for the fuss about the Tebow ad, I probably never would have known that particular video existed