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Monday, June 22, 2009

the iranian revolution

ladies and gentlemen of the jury,

while this whole protest is going on in iran, i'd best put my 2 cents in.

as we all know, last week was iran's elections. the leading candidates were mahmoud ahme-nutjob and his opponent, mir-hussain moussavi. moussavi was touted as a reformer, while we all know ahme-nutjob's role as a holocaust denier who is looking to wipe israel off the map.

we also know that ahme-nutjob won, but moussavi is calling his victory a fraud because it was known that ahme-nutjob's private goon squad went out and practiced voter intimidation. voter fraud was widely suspected as well. heh, we in chicago know all about voter fraud-how else did more people vote for a candidate than were registered as living in a certain area? hell, barry-o's ACORN made voter fraud their specialty service!

so after a week of protests between the supporters of both candidates, the leader, ayatollah khameini (not the same as ruholla khomeini-the guy who led the first iranian revolution in the 70s) told the people to accept ahme-nutjob as their leader, or else bad things would happen to them. but while tehran becomes a divided city, the fact is that most of iran is sick and tired of the ayatollah's. most of iran's population is under the age of 30, and in this day and age of computers, cellphones, and global interconnectivity (youtube helps), they see how miserable their lives are under the mullahs.

young ladies like to wear makeup and dress nicely-something they can't do in iran without serious consequences, and young men like electronics, computer games, and sports-most of which are forbidden by the mullahs. plus, kids these days, if you cut off their electronics (cellphones, computers, etc) they get MAD!!

threats and intimidation will only go so far-and unless the ayatollah's are prepared to go so far as to kill everyone who opposes them (which i hope doesnt happen given that most of the population is young people, but then again, islam is not a religion known for achieving its goals through peaceful means), iran will seal its own fate. hell, i heard that the mullah's are sending in russian mercenaries to help out the iranian police force disperse the riots!

down with the dictators!


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