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Monday, June 15, 2009

Obama's sculpted face heads to Mt. Rushmore park

Obama's sculpted face heads to Mt. Rushmore park

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oh boy, here we go again. once again, barry-o thinks that he's good enough to belong with the likes of teddy roosevelt, jefferson, and washington on the famed mount rushmore. expect the media to have a field day with this!



  1. I thought he was already commemorated on Easter Island:

    I apologize in advance for that one...

    Seriously, if you want to commemorate a dude who got seriously short shrift in the credit for the founding of the republic, do something for Alexander Hamilton...(just finished the excellent Chernow biography...working on that new Andrew jackson book...)

  2. haw haw haw... i say: who'se got a bigger head: obama or those polynesian statues?

    i agree that nobody gives a rat's ass about ol' alex hamilton. afterall, the man WAS our first treasury secretary. and we all know, there sure isn't much excitement in dealing with money