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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

a moslem nation?!

here's a story that will have anybody with a brain see red.

as we all know, barry-o has returned to the middle east. today he paid a visit to the saudi princes in riyadh, saudi arabia. no reports of him bowing to the saudi king this time around (we all know what really happened there).anyway, in a speech to the princes, obama announced "if you count all the moslems in the united states, we are a moslem nation". when i heard that, my jaw dropped. there are approximately 2.3 million moslems in the US. our entire population is something like 300 million. this means that moslems make up less than 1% of the population.

we have caught our president in a lie-and a big 1 at that! america is a CHRISTIAN nation!! most of our population is christian, not moslem! it also doesnt help barry-o's case that 46% of people don't have a favorable view of the moslem world. but that doesnt matter, at least not to the state-controlled media (who, by the way, accepted the saudi rules on journalism during their stay-dont leave your hotel unless you are going to cover the meetings btwn the saudi princes and barry-o, and dont report on anything else you see or else you will be arrested and detained in a saudi prison). and to go in this vein, CBS has crowned barry-o the "titular head of the islamic world" because they are putting their "hopes and dreams on 1 man" and newsweek confirmed this by calling osama and al-quaida "has-beens". notice that the "hopes and dreams" part is left conveniantly vague-what is the moslem world hoping of barry-o? that isreal be wiped off the map? that they will forcibly impose on us their way of life like sharia law?

because of this whole matter, i'm mad as hell!! not only am i a right-wing christian who's gov't has painted a target on her back, but obama and his cronies are bending towards people who want to send us back to the 7th century!! and they will stop at nothing until they rule the world-whether by outbreeding us or killing every non-moslem they see. i mean, with george tiller's murder, the media and left were quick to blame the entire christian religion when it was clearly an isolated case. but on the other hand, some army recruiter was recently killed, and another one seriously injured when their recruitement booth or outlet was attacked by a young moslem fanatic IN THE NAME OF ISLAM!!! yet, the media dismisses this as an isolated incident, since looking at actual data on this kind of issue tells a completely different story.

im tired of this shit.

maybe i should run for president. i think i'd do a better job running the country than this shmooklan!


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