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Friday, August 21, 2015

A Short Review of Beer: Barrio Blonde

After a recent excursion to church, I stopped by my favorite gas station to refill my growler and try something new. The last time we were there, I'd picked out Goose Island's Summertime Ale. This time, my husband got to pick the beer. He picked out Barrio Blonde, which was something he wanted to try the last time we were there.

Barrio Brewing Company is a local, Tucson-based brewery. Appropriately enough, "barrio" means "neighborhood" in Spanish. Blonde is just one of the 12 beers served at its flagship restaurant on 16th St. and Toole Ave, with the brewery's website describing it as "A good starter beer for those who have only tried the mass-produced suds. The blonde is a light, crisp beer with a slight malt flavor and just enough Czechoslovakian Saaz hops to balance the malt sweetness."

My favorite beer mug, with Blonde

Upon opening the growler and pouring myself a glass, the first thing that stood out was how much "blonde" was an appropriate name for this sort of beer. It has a beautiful golden color and not much of a head either, which was kinda funny cuz when the attendant at the gas station was filling up the growler, the head bubbled out of the growler and all over the counter. Guess it must have lost some carbonation since this attendant didn't tape the cap to seal the growler like the last one did...

Taste wise, it's alot closer to a more typical beer as opposed to the fruity, citrusy Summertime Ale. Thanks to my priming with Steel Reserve, I tasted the malt right off and was pleased with the quality of the hops. True to its description, it's reminiscent of some of the more mainstream brews, but less pissy tasting. It's not a bad light beer. The alcohol content is pretty low too, around 5% or so. I found it paired well with chili and pork, but I can see it going alright with a salad. Something with spinach, in particular.

Same glass and beer, different lighting and angle. Still pretty pale

For more information about Barrio Brewing Company, check out their website here. As always, please enjoy responsibly

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