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Thursday, August 6, 2015

On The Republican Debate

So the big story of the day was the clown show known as the Republican Presidential Primary Debate.

This picture pretty well summed it all up
I initially had not intended to listen to the debate, as listening to Republicans and rabid Randrian right wingers has a tendency to infuriate me. But then I figured "meh, why not". It'd be laughing material, despite the fury raising factors. Plus, my husband's tablet was handy and had the TuneIn radio app open. So I poured myself a tall, frosty glass of beer and set the app to the station carrying the debate.

I'd only listened to about 20 minutes of the debate before (perhaps fortuitously) the stream froze and hung up the tablet so bad that a reboot was needed to fix it. By the time I got the tablet booted back up, I couldn't bring myself to restart the stream. Besides, I knew where this carnival of fools was going.

Now that the shitshow is done for the night, I have two things to say based on what I heard during those 20 minutes I'll never get back. One: the Republicans have predictably shit themselves on TV in front of everyone and have pretty well handed Hillary the presidency. Two: thank God I live 2 hours away from Mexico. Border regions like mine are pretty well shielded from the chaos in DC.

Hello Mexico. I think we'll be getting to know each other pretty well over the course of the year...

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