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Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Short Review of Beer: Baltika, Grade 9

Hello, dear readers!

Here is something that hasn't been seen for a while in these parts: a beer review!

Look at that golden lager goodness!

Today, after my husband made some herring paste using smoked herring he bought at the Euro mart, I decided to break out one of the Slavic beers I bought. Since herring is a common Russian food, I thought it appropriate to consume the Russian beer with it.

Named for the port on the Baltic sea where the Russian Navy is anchored, Baltika has since grown from its incorporation in the early 1990s following the fall of the communist government to become the largest brewer of Russian beer in the world. True to Russian tendencies, the brewery is state-owned and based out of St. Petersburg. Its different varieties, labeled as "grades", are exported all over the world to be enjoyed by consumers everywhere.

This is not the first time I've had this particular grade of Baltika. Shortly after the baby was born, a friend of mine was moving and needed to get rid of her alcohol because they were moving to another state (apparently, there is some stupid law on the books left over from the Prohibition days that says alcohol can't be transported over state lines). I took the beers since I'd been reading about how beer could help with milk production for breastfeeding (I never had problems with my supply, but it doesn't hurt to make sure everything's working as it should). She had a number of exotic beers, as well as domestic brands, and Baltika Grade 9 was one of the imports.

Then as now, I broke out my trusty frosted beer mug and popped open the bottle. It had a modest head and a light golden color. The smell is nice and malty, but not pissy. After taking a sip, the beer went down nice and smooth with little bitterness which is good because it's a lager. It's not terribly light, having an 8% alcohol volume, but with sufficient food in the belly, there's not much of a buzz.

Just as I thought, Baltika Grade 9 goes well with salted and smoked fish like herring. I also found that it went well with some canned spaghetti that I had for dinner. In general, it's a good all-around beer and I was reminded about how pleased I'd been with this grade the first time I tried it. Baltika Grade 9 is definitely a keeper.

For more information on the Baltika brewery, check out their website here.

As always, please drink responsibly.

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