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Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Kittens

Greetings, dear readers!

While my Mother's Day this past Sunday was uneventful, my husband made an amazing discovery.

It started on Sunday night, when my husband heard high-pitched, infantile mewing coming from outside our home. He went outside to investigate, and saw there were kittens running around on our property!

Unfortunately, I don't have any pix of our kittens, so this will have to do. The kitten in this picture is about as old as the kittens we found. Pic found here

My husband spotted three kittens. One was orange and white, the other is cream-colored and white, and the last one is black. He tried to catch them and bring them inside, but they got away. Later on, he managed to catch the cream colored one and bring it inside the living room. However, by morning, the kitten had gotten out. My husband suspects it was rescued by its mommy, even though I was waking up every couple of hours because I could hear it mewing, so I would go into the living room to check on it and make sure it had food and water. On Tuesday afternoon, while I was outside doing the laundry, I spotted the black kitten. I tried to coax it to come to me and be fed, but it was skittish and ran away. I would see the kitten intermittently while I was hanging up the diapers, as it would come back in and out of the yard, running under our trailer.

This is as close a pic as I can find of what the black kitten looks like. Pic found here

As for where the kittens might have come from, there is a Siamese minnie (girl cat) that likes to hang around our home, and being the big softie for felines, my husband feeds her. She was feral, but has gradually become tamer with prolonged feeding and contact. When she first started coming around, she was pregnant. She disappeared for a while, emerging much slimmer than the beach ball with legs she had initially been. We knew she had her litter, but we could not find the nest. These kittens that my husband discovered are very likely her kittens.

The kittens appear to be about 4 weeks old (as is evidenced by their still baby-blue eyes), so their ages match up pretty well to coincide with the minnie's return, though if she had them under our trailer (as my husband believes), I was bewildered as to why we didn't hear mewing earlier. My husband told me that minnies can silence their kittens, though I find that a little hard to believe because every batch of kittens I've encountered/raised ALWAYS made a racket of mews when they're born and need tending to.

Because we love animals, hubby and I will try to find and tame these kittens. They don't have to be indoor kitties; our cats are largely outdoor kitties anyway. Since I don't believe they've had much in the way of contact with humans, I don't think these kittens will be adoptable, but it's ok. I've missed having kittens to care for. I must be coming down with baby fever, haha.

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