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Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Short Review of Beer: Niksicko

Happy Sunday, dear readers!

After a miserable Mass this evening at the Carmelite church, thanks to a long-winded and rambling priest, I needed something to help me unwind. I reached into the fridge and pulled out my last Serbian beer, Niksicko.

"Niksic beer". Pic found here

Niksicko (pron. "nick-sheech-ko") actually comes from Montenegro. Its name means "From Niksic", which is the city in which this beer's brewery, Pivara Trebjesa, is based. In production since 1896, Niksicko was a staple beer of my childhood. I can remember it being served at parties and festivals. In fact, Niksicko was my late godfather's favorite beer. My grandmother, despite running a militantly dry household, always bought a few bottles for him whenever she had him over for lunch.

After popping the cap off, I took a sip. I noticed a slightly sour smell, and I was disappointed with the taste of the beer. It was watery, almost like piss. Yes, its a lager, but I've had much better lagers than this (see: Jelen)! I wonder if the beer wasn't stale. Despite conventional wisdom surrounding alcohol, beer doesn't always get better with age.

The verdict on this beer is: undetermined! While I was disappointed by this initial tasting, I think it was a one-off bad one. I'd have to try it again to see if there's a difference in taste. My godfather was many things, but one thing he was not was someone with bad taste in alcohol! Though the stuff contributed to his eventual demise, he always made it a point to drink good quality liquors because his European upbringing valued quality over everything else.

For more information about Nikisco and its brewery, Trebjesa, check out their English-language Wikipedia page here (Serbian language website here)

As always, please drink responsibly.

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