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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Adventures in Serbian Cooking


For the last few days, I've been binge watching Serbian-language cooking videos on Youtube. I've had a serious cooking bug burrowing its way through my consciousness, and so I consulted the bakas (grandmas) of Youtube for some ideas on what to make.

Since its only gonna be in the 80s this week, I thought about baking something. It will either be bread or burek. While my husband isn't much of a bread eater, I am. There is one grandmotherly Youtuber whose bread recipes caught my fancy. She calls herself Jelajelena Petrovic and her way of making breads and rolls seemed pretty easy and straightforward. They look absolutely delicious, as is evidenced in the video below.

Since I'm going off of a Serbian cooking video, whats gonna come out of my attempts will vary from the product shown. For one, I may not be able to get all the ingredients she uses in her videos (I don't remember if the Euro mart stocks Serbian cheeses/Bulgarian feta cheese or Vegeta (a common seasoning mix used in Serbian cooking)). Also, the ingredients are measured out according to European specs, where mass is used to measure out ingredients as opposed to volume, which is the American standard. My husband advised me to invest in a kitchen scale for this sort of endeavor, but we can't afford one right now. Thank goodness Google can do conversions for me.

One thing I was pleased to see was how much I understood and could follow along with the videos. I've never been particularly proficient in Serbian, but I remembered the words for ingredients like flour (brasno) and procedural steps like baking (pece). Some words I've never heard before but figured out, like black pepper (bibera) and yolk (zumance). For the words I didn't know, there was a plethora of online Serbian-English dictionaries to be found on Google.

This weekend, I will give one of Jelajelena's recipes a try. I'm looking forward to it!

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