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Sunday, May 22, 2016

My New Earrings


This week, I received a much anticipated package in the mail. My new earrings!

The flash is a little bright and my hair is all over the place, but there it is! After four years, I'm back to wearing gauges again

I've decided to go back to wearing gauges again. I've missed wearing them, and also my silver earrings are pretty seriously oxidized and need to be treated. Upon recommendation from a friend and a convenient ad on my Facebook feed, I bought these cute elephant head acrylic hangar gauges in size 4G from this site called Body Candy. It helped that they were on fire-sale, plus I got a 10% discount as part of a promo, so they came out under $12 for the pair. The last time I'd worn gauges, which was about four years ago, I was at a 4G, and since I knew the main body of my earring was a 6G, I would periodically thread them through my piercing holes to keep them large just in case I decided to go back to gauges.

This morning, when I put them on, I realized my ear piercing holes were a little tight. I managed to get the gauges mostly in, but it'll be a few weeks before I can get them fully on. I don't want to tear up my ears, so I'll take it easy with the insertion, even if it looks weird with my gauges kind of out.

Me, 2012, and the last time I wore gauges full time before life changes made it impossible for me to continue wearing them. These nines were size 4G, and I'd decided long ago this would be my limit for the foreseeable future.

It may surprise some of you to know that I engage in body modification. I've always had a fascination with gauged ears and decided early on that I wanted to have them done, but when I decided to do it, I settled on not letting my piercing hole be too big. Part of it was hiding what I was doing from my parents, who disapproved of body modification in any form (if the hole's not big, I could say my earrings stretched out my ears, which wasn't a total lie since my silver earrings were kind of heavy), but also, my research into gauged ears told me that if I got up to size 00, that was the point of no return because my piercing hole would be too big to heal naturally back to small. I wanted that small hole option available to me just in case I had to ditch my punky gauges in favor of conservative jewelry (unless you work in a place that specializes in hiring misfits and the otherwise unemployable, most employers get wound up about body jewelry).

As for my husband's opinion on my choice of jewelry, he was ambivalent of my decision to return to wearing gauges. I'd been wearing them when he first met me, so he couldn't gripe about me wanting to get them now after we had been together for a while. But, he agreed with me in that my holes shouldn't be too big, just in case. Being a pious Catholic, my husband isn't particularly keen on body modification (piercing, tattoos, etc), but his objections to body modification stem from issues with conformity and government surveillance as opposed to religious doctrine. He admits his rationale is outdated, but it was something his father instructed him from the time he was a child, and it stuck till this day.

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