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Thursday, February 12, 2009

all about me

dear readers,

i just finished my 3rd test in 3 days. i'm exhausted, so thats why i havent written for a few days. i suppose you'll want to know more about me. well, first of all, i'm conservative.

as a conservative, i believe that our government is too big and greedy, AND i don't believe in global warming either. my outright denial of global warming gained me alot of notoriety on myspace, and if i feel like it, i'll post some of my most controversial myspace entries on global warming.

as a conservative, i also am strongly pro-life. as an orthodox christian, i believe that life begins at conception and ends at death. this may seem strange, given my age and social demographic (young, white, from a semi-middle class background, college-educated), but im different and proud of it.

maybe you're wondering what i aim to do with my life. aside from pissing off the democrats and liberals, i aim to become a pharmacist. i'm already a pharmacy technician and i want to go the next step up. its a lucrative sleeper career. not too many people know about pharmacy's hidden benefits.

my favorite sports are football and baseball. my favorite football team is the chicago bears, but i have favorite players on other teams as well.
my favorite baseball team is the chicago white sox. not only are they good, but i love the players on the team itself. my favorite sox players are carlos quentin, aj pierzynski, mark burhle, i used to like little nicky swisher too but he's no longer with the team, and alexei ramirez. i know its obvious that i really have a thing for chicago sports, but because chicago is my home city, i'm partial to my city's sports teams.
yeah, i really love carlos quentin :). he's hot and really really good at baseball. only too bad he's married and i'm such an uptight person cuz i would bang him in a heartbeat :D. dont worry, its merely wishful thinking-im not a homewrecker hooker groupie.
thats all for now. if i think of other things, i'll post them here

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