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Friday, February 13, 2009

the price of free speech

dear readers,

as you may have heard, or perhaps not, congress is interested in pursuing an order that would ultimately chase us conservatives off the air and possibly into jail, depending on the state we live in, cuz we dont agree with the majority ruling party.

not only is this wrong, its illegal. under the first amendment, all forms of symbolic and spoken speech so long as they don't incite violence, are protected. the founding fathers made that a guaranteed right because they faced shit and persecution from the british monarchy for speaking out against the crown. it seems that we have once again come around full-circle. though free speech has been an age-old struggle, only in modern times has the censorship become as extreme as it is (see china for example). the right of free speech has been the goal and cornerstone of a solid democracy wherever there is one, and to take that right away is almost a sure-fire regression of all the things that modern democracy has stood for.

besides, conservative radio is very lucrative. thats why theres so many so many stations are dominated by conservative shows as opposed to liberal (or as they're referred to nowadays: 'progressive'). if you saw the electoral map after the 2008 election, you saw that most of america is overwhelmingly conservative. because of that, conservative radio flourishes while liberal radio shows are restricted mainly to the cities cuz thats were all the liberals are. aside from that, its all about the money. people who advertise on the radio are more apt to advertise on stations that carry conservative shows because they make more money that way (more listeners=more people hear about the product=more buyers=more profit). its just that simple. the laws of economics spare no one-and rewriting them to fit your idealogy only makes things worse for everyone else (yeah, im calling out you liberals and everyone who supports these massive gov't payoffs that are being passed thru congress).

opposition is not a bad thing-it keeps those politicians in touch with reality. i know you can't please everybody, but when you take a vow to uphold and defend the constitution as law, how about actually DOING that!! but then again, when the majority of drones are in office, they can do whatever they want.
seriously-the freedom doctorine (or whatever pseudonyms it may come under) is a scary thing for us as a country. if talk radio can be censored, then print and the internet are next. well, the newspapers are already in the tank for the left (and the likes of sam zell are wondering why their circulation numbers are down), but the internet belongs to no one. the internet will be a little harder cuz its worldwide, but if china and iran can do it, then its possible for our government to attempt something similar. we know it can be done, and thats the scary part! call me a fearmonger, a reactionary, overreactive, whatever, but truth be told-when you're rotting in a gulag somewhere because you spoke up and said that you thought the government was spending too much money, don't say i didnt warn you.

it used to be a good thing to live in america. now, thanks to the liberals, its all on the verge of destruction. all that america has stood for will be gone unless we on the right can rise up and say ENOUGH!! we will not be crushed like roaches cuz we disagree with the left!!! we conservatives stick to things that work, like free speech, low taxes, tax breaks wherever possible, and LIMITED GOV'T. all those things have been proven to work-if you knew your history, you would know that. all those things made america the beacon of the free world and inspired democracies all over the world. to take those things away would mean the ultimate fall from grace: here is the world's greatest super power crashing down like a tree without roots. i dont know when that will be, but i hope we as americans can wake up and bombard our representatives in congress to not pass the freedom doctorine before its too late.
from az with love,

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