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Saturday, February 14, 2009

valentines day

dear readers,

since its valentines day, i thought id do an entry just for this auspicious occasion.

perhaps you're wondering what my plans are for today. perhaps there are some of you who wonder if i even have somebody special to celebrate valentines day with. well, i spent the day at a tucson park observing the landscape and wildlife cuz my sadistic bio lab teacher threw a shitload of assignments at us for the weekend-one of which is a semester project. the 1st phase of the project is to scout out sites in tucson and take observations. i have to visit 3 sites, and i went to 1 today. i'll check out the other 2 tomorrow. after the park, i went to the mall. it was the most dead mall id ever seen. only like 4 stores were open. everything else was barracaded and empty. really quite sad to see.

now for the million-dollar question: do i have anyone to celebrate valentines day with? the answer is... NO!! 'why?' may you ask. well, part of it has to do with my upbringing, part of it is my choice (or fault), and part of it has to do with the availability of guys at my school. besides, i dont consider myself to be bitter about it. i just put up with it, like everything else.

besides, i, in my cynical view, have come to look at valentines day as just another shopping holiday. this time of year, the stores overflow with flowers, chocolates and other heart-themed candies, cards, and tons of cheesy teddy bears with 'i love you' hearts (did you know that the valentine heart we all know is actually the inverted shape of a woman's ass? i only found this out yesterday!!). come on now! valentines day is all about being with your sweetie (or with something you love alot-me, i love my computer more then any human ever should-wait, no, my brother can beat me on that one). like mothers day, christmas, and easter, its all been commercialized. oh well. i'm probably more inclined to support the business aspect of things cuz moneys what makes the economy grow-and we all know a growing economy means more money in our pockets!!

that being said, have a happy valentines day!!

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