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Thursday, February 12, 2009

spring training

dear readers,

spring training is just around the corner~and im super excited!! although yeah, im a total nerd cuz i love sports, but this time of year, baseball runs my life. although im a little disappointed cuz i was hoping to see my beloved white sox here in tucson (before they opted out of their contract and high-tailed north to phoenix >:[ ) and the thought of going to tucson electric park for spring training games (when i could~im in college, remember?) was one of the reasons i made the choice to come to the u of a where im currently a student. unfortunately now, i'll have to brave a 2-hr drive north to phoenix to go to camelback ranch, but thats ok. i have wgn in my dorm room so i can watch the games on tv if they're on. also, come spring break, i'll have to check the schedule to make sure that there are some homegames so that i can go to at least 1 game. no trip to phoenix is ever complete without going to a baseball game (we used to just come to phoenix on vacation during the summer, right when baseball was in season).

i guess i have some predictions for spring training, although let me be upfront: i have very little knowledge or expertise on the stats/math side of sports. i predict that the sox will be ok-not spectacular-just ok, but once the season starts, the sox are gonna be good. provided they can be healthy, i think the sox stand a pretty good chance of winning the AL central again and maybe advancing to the world series :), but thats for the regular season, and this is merely preseason. i think dayan viciendo will prove his salt to ozzie and company, and i have good hopes for the rest of the newcomers to the southside. i also look forward to more 'palehose' comic strips from the great carl skanburg in this upcoming season.

im as giddy as a schoolgirl at the thought of spring training! im so excited!



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  1. I think I will follow this. Write on madam. By the way ... Where's Carl?