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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

new blog?

hey everyone,

since i'll be writing alot about the white sox this season, i was thinking i'd create a separate blog just for them. i'll still continue to write on this blog, but i'll create a special sox blog, cuz i kinda want this blog to cover more topics other then sports.

only trouble im having with this idea is what to name the new blog. i admit, im not too creative with names. i was thinking 'a view from the south', a referance to me being physically stuck here in tucson, the location of which side of chicago the sox are on, and a play on the phrase 'a view from above'. its a bit wordy, but it was better then the ripoff 'southside sox', which is the name of another sox blog on sbnation, which i frequent alot.

other possible names were 'palehose princess' (carl skanburg's 'palehose' comics were the inspiration for this 1), 'snakepit sox' (yet another AZ reference), 'cell's bells' (us cellular field w/ ac/dc thrown in), and thats all i can remember for now.

now that i think about it, 'cell's bells' doesnt sound like a bad name for the blog. certainly more catchy and shorter than 'a view from the south'.

peace out!

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