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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

spring training jitters

dear readers,

i know, im a nerd. i get giddy at the thought of spring training. i always eagerly look forward to spring training each year, and this year is no exception. however, this is my first year away from home and since im doing bad in 1 of my classes (calculus is a real kicker), i desperately need something to cheer me up, or if not cheer me up, at least give me something to look forward to. i hate calculus with the passion of a carlos quentin at-bat

sorry. i had to do that.

one week till the 1st game. i wonder who its gonna be against. i hope the sox come out swinging, but im still mad that they opted out of tucson and high-tailed north to phoenix. there's alotta people from IL down here in tucson, and that translates to lots of sox fans!! plus, tucson electric park is just a bus ride away on the tucson bus system. oh well, i can still go to baseball games on the weekends at tucson electic park cuz the diamondbacks are still there, but being from chicago, i like the sox better. i'll still get my baseball fix, but it wont be with the team i wanted to see. i hope the cheap-seats at tucson electic park are cheap (i'm thinking $10-$15 at most, but i've never been there before so i dont know). i can't be goin every weekend if i cant afford it.

thats a story in progress.

ARRGGGHHH!!!!! the wait is excruciating!!!

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