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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Day at the Doctor's

This weekend, my husband had a frightful incident. A nocturnal emission revealed that his semen was full of blood. Some preliminary internet research pointed to an infection caused by his prolonged abstinence and resulting fluid buildup. After sitting on the phone for nearly a half hour with the clinic scheduler where the doctor's office is located, we finally got him an appointment for today.

It had been a while since either my husband or myself had been to this clinic. The last time we were there was early 2014 where my husband became ill with pneumonia and the clinic had misdiagnosed him, resulting in a trip to the emergency room and several hits of lifesaving antibiotics over the course of several days. But since there is a branch of this clinic operating near our home where our daughter's excellent pediatrician is, and my husband was due to see his PCP (primary care physician) for a yearly checkup anyway, it was time to give the clinic a second chance.

I was amazed by how much they had expanded their building. The money they got as part of Obamacare went into expanding their services and major upgrades to their infrastructure. The new section of the building, where his doctor's office was moved to was spacious, clean, and the WiFi was strong. My one gripe about it was that social media sites were blocked, so I couldn't spend time on Facebook like I usually do, or Instagram, for that matter. But, Youtube still worked! Some sanity restored!

Pretty well sums up the American view of medical practicioners

For a doctor's visit, today's appointment was fairly fast. The nurse practitioner examined my husband, ordered some tests to be done, and gave him a script for some antibiotics. She also ordered an abdominal ultrasound for my husband to check for anomalies, and a hepatic panel since he was due for one too. To top it off, we both got flu shots (and my shot spot is still sore!). But, in doing so, the nurse's assistant saw that I had been a patient at one time in this clinic but under a different doctor and scheduled me for a wellness checkup later that day. I wasn't expecting that, but since a family friend in the area needed some work done on her computer, I agreed to the appointment since we wouldn't be far away.

We returned to the clinic after fixing our friend's computer and hanging out with her family, and after filling out all the paperwork, I was seen by my new doctor. She was polite, lively, and intelligent. She gave me a clean bill of health, but the staff seemed to have forgotten about us because I had to flag down a nurse to hand me my discharge papers.

By this point, I was really tired from being out all day. My husband and the baby were worn out too, so off to our nice home to sleep.

And that was how I spent my long day. Good night world, and I'll see you tomorrow.

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