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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Family Visit

Today, two special individuals came to visit us. My parents and grandmother flew in from Illinois to Arizona because my dad had a seminar to go to, and while he was taking his classes for the day, my mom and grandma traveled down to southern Arizona to see us.

While most people would be thrilled to have their families come by for a visit, I am not one of them. I do not have the best relationship with my family due to both religious and lifestyle reasons. Those two factors would plunge me into a terrible feud with the family and things came to an explosive head in 2012 which resulted in me leaving my family so that nobody would die as a result of the feud. I returned to Arizona that year for a fresh start and have been trying to both reconcile with my family, yet keep them away at a safe distance to preserve all our sanities. I can never thank my husband enough for his role in creating a stalemate of sorts.

When they arrived, my grandma and my mom immediately were won over by the baby. They played with and tickled her, and baby responded with giggles and smiles. They were surprised by how big she is and how much she is growing. My grandma also baked her famous waffle cookies and brought us a tray full of them for nibblies.

The day was relatively drama free compared to previous visits. We went to lunch at a nearby steakhouse, and then went shopping. We bought some much needed items for both us and the baby. There were a few flareups, but things are improving. I even had my mom hold the baby for a bit while we were at the store cuz the baby was getting fussy from being in her car seat all afternoon.

This was her first trip to a real sit-down restaurant that wasn't fast food or Waffle House

Finally, we returned home, took a few pictures, and said our good byes to my mom and grandma. They may come back one more time before they return to Illinois on Sunday. I do hope my dad can make it with them that time. I would like for him to meet his granddaughter, and since he genuinely loves kids, I think she'll like him back in return.

Standing proudly, 4 generations of the Milanovic family

And that was how I spent my day.

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