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Monday, September 28, 2015

The Eclipse

Happy Monday everyone!

As many of you are probably aware, especially if you live in North America like I do, there was a lunar eclipse last night. While lunar eclipses are somewhat rare, they are not uncommon astronomical phenomena. As such, this particular lunar eclipse stood out because it coincided with a "supermoon", where the moon is at its closest point to earth during orbit.

Like many people all across Arizona and the North American continent (including Canada, where a photographer friend of mine snapped some pix of the eclipse outside his home in Toronto), I grabbed my camera and headed outside to watch the eclipse and take pictures. We were fortunate here in Southern Arizona to have clear skies, as many parts of the US were covered in clouds which obscured the show.

I took a ton of pictures and some video, but ultimately, my cellphone camera proved to have positively horrid resolution. It made getting a good, accurate picture impossible. I'll post the best ones out of the bunch, but they're not photographer quality.

Contrary to certain apocalyptic prophesies, the world did not end when the earth passed between the moon and the sun. A little knowledge of orbits and time can predict within reasonable degrees of accuracy when eclipses will occur, and the next time a supermoon eclipse like this is slated to appear is in 18 years.

The moon rose eclipsed

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It was pretty well covered at this point. I used the night photo setting on my cellphone to get this pic

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The eclipse was over pretty fast

We brought the baby out to watch the eclipse too. She'll be a teenager the next time one of these rolls around
Hope you enjoyed the pictures. As much as cellphone cameras have improved within the last couple years, they're still not as good as regular digital cameras. My digital camera wasn't working, so cellphone it had to be.

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