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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Musings

This week was our week to go to the Latin Mass church and while I'm not fond of a certain cabal of senile delinquents who inhabit its pews every Sunday, we do have friends there that my husband and I like to see regularly and that makes visits there bearable. It was also in this church that my husband and I met and had our daughter baptized in, so we like to keep a regular presence there for her to know what the old Mass was like.

Beating all your expectations and then some! Pic found here

Without a doubt, the Lord rewarded our attendance this week with a stirring sermon where Canon Bill gave a scholarly subtle verbal bitchslapping to the right-wing neocon elements in his parish. He reminded us all to read our Catechisms and use that as the filter by which to chart our actions, not the charter of the NRA (he used gun control as his example) or Republican Party. No doubt, there's been some grumblings about Pope Francis' visit to the US which gave cause to be the subject of this weeks homily. Even if not from the parish itself, many "traditional Catholic" websites and blogs (a number of which I suspect are run by infiltrators of one fascist stripe or another) have all but taken to calling the Holy Father a heretic for his attention to the poor and marginalized and not on their pet issues (such as promoting the Latin Mass). Ironically, if these fools should familiarize themselves with Church history, they'd see God making good out of bad decisions and leaders (see: Pope Alexander VI and Columbus). While I may gripe about Canon Bill needing to read off a script for Sunday sermons (unlike my favorite Carmelites at the other church who compose their sermons on the spot), I was especially proud of him today.

After church, we joined a longtime friend of ours for Sunday brunch at our favorite Waffle House. We've been going there pretty regularly for a while, and the staff all knows us. Everyone has their favorite places and this is one of ours.

Tonight is the big lunar eclipse! I'll make sure to get a picture or two for tomorrow's post.

Hope you all had a good Sunday, and have a blessed week ahead!

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