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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Thrill of the Save

It's no surprise that when you live on a fixed income, it's important to save every penny you can. This is especially important when it comes to food. Since we get food stamps, this means careful budgeting and shopping so as to stretch our allotment as far as we can.

And you CAN use coupons with food stamps! Pic found here

Yesterday, with our food stamp allotment topped up, we went to our closest Safeway to go get some stuff. Since Tuesday is the last day for the weekly sales, there are a whole bunch of "clear-out-the-crap" sales which can be scored (Wednesdays are when the new weekly sales fliers are released). And  score did we! Fresh tomatoes on the vine (we're trying to resurrect the plant in the garden, which drowned in a monsoon storm and has temporarily halted our homegrown tomato supply), ground beef (20% is our preferred fat content cuz it doesn't have to be drained), coffee creamer, plenty of pop, and some breakfast stuff. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't any ice cream on sale, as the last time we'd gone there was a fire sale for our favorite brand, Blue Bunny, and the whole freezer shelf was pretty well cleared out. Guess that was only for the Labor Day weekend.

Well, when it came time to check out, the tab was well over $150. But because my husband had his Safeway card, the grocery savings from using that card dropped the total by about half. It was probably the biggest savings we'd ever done in one trip (our savings usually average around $20-$30), and it felt good.

Now, to take some of those savings and find some Blue Bunny on sale...I wanna get at least one more tub before the cooler weather arrives.

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