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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A New Milestone

Greetings, dear readers!

Today I am both pleased and saddened to report that the baby had her first official feeding of solids. I made her some oatmeal pablum using some finely ground oatmeal cereal and breastmilk.

The first taste. She liked it!

That spoon in my hand is the same spoon my hubby was fed with when he was an infant. His mom sent us some baby utensils for Christmas

She only ate about half of the pablum in the bowl. Her tummy filled up fast. I'm gonna need to find a high chair for the baby soon so I'll have an easier time feeding her instead of holding her on my lap.

I'm happy that she has made this milestone because she's ahead of the development curve. The baby had skills of more developed children at a much younger age. Seeing this, our pediatrician recommended that we start feeding her solid food at five months as opposed to the six month average.

However, this happy moment is bittersweet. Yes, my baby is growing up (always too fast for my liking), but I don't want to give up breastfeeding her yet because she can now eat solid food. I feel like the bond between her and I is strengthened the more I nurse her. I know I can't nurse her forever, but I want to shoot for at least a year and if possible, have her decide when she wants to be weaned.

I suppose I couldn't have picked a better day for the baby to have her first meal of solid food. My menstruation has resumed after a little over a year of not happening due to pregnancy and then breastfeeding once I gave birth. I suspected I was close to getting it because my face began to break out in acne like I used to before I became pregnant. Another reminder of fleeting infancy, as well as thinking about when to start trying for the next baby.

Treasure your children, dear readers. They really do grow up fast.

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