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Monday, October 5, 2015

The Stairs

Happy Monday!

My husband had a long and busy day today. What was he doing?

He was building stairs to the front door!

Work in progress

This project was something that needed doing, but hadn't been completed due to lack of funds for material and time. After my relatives visited us two weeks ago, the material issue was solved when my mom bought all sorts of lumber, hardware, and tools for my husband for the honey-dos around the home. My grandma's complaints about how "wobbly" the stairs were, plus a letter from the sleazy park management to all the tenants telling people to cover their trailer hitches and put handrails on steps with more than three risers or else the insurance company would refuse to renew coverage on the place, gave new urgency to this project.

Unlike the hack-job steps that were present when we first moved into this trailer, the previous stairs to our trailer were not poorly made. My husband takes pride in his work so that even temporary (re: mostly long-term) fixes are done well. Were they a bit loose? Kind of, as it was a small step-stool he made and then drilled into the soffet below the front door.

Starting at 10AM, my husband put his new tools and lumber to use. Thank goodness it's FINALLY starting to cool down a bit here in Arizona, so he wasn't toiling in the blazing heat and sun. The clouds helped, though there were a few quick splurts of showers that buzzed through which delayed progress a bit but not by much. As he worked, my husband had me walk up and down the stairs to check distances. He'd planned for two steps, but after I had to stretch to avoid falling into the gap between what was supposed to be the top step and the threshold of the door, he put in a top step. It meant now that a handrail would have to be added, but they were now much safer.

We can make a ramp out of this if needed

All done! Kitties must inspect the final result and approve of it!

By about 4PM, the stairs were finished. They looked beautiful as he'd carefully measured and cut the wood, and the steps themselves were flat enough for a board to be laid on top of them for a ramp if need be. The new stairs are much more sturdy and stable, all up to code for any nosy insurance agent who inspects it.

My husband being a meowl

I'm so proud of my husband. The fact that he can build/fix things is one big reason why I married him. That is a rare skill to find in someone nowadays.

Goodnight and sweet dreams, everyone!

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