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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Rosary Rally

It's the weekend! Time for the fun to begin.

My family and I attended a Rosary Rally today at our Latin Mass church. I wasn't especially keen on going to this event due to the apostolate that sponsored it, America Needs Fatima. America Needs Fatima is a subsidiary of Tradition Family Property, a group I mentioned in a previous post about sleazy apostolates. My reasons for despising America Needs Fatima and, specifically, its root organization Tradition Family Property will be the subject of a future post. My husband convinced me to go since some of our church friends would be there and we could fellowship with them.

Like the Planned Parenthood rally I attended last month, it was dreadfully hot and sunny outside. The cool weather we had at the beginning of the week disappeared and it's back to summer again. The rally itself was pretty uneventful. We stood outside the gate of the church, recited the Rosary, and then left to go our separate ways. My husband and I did hang around to chat with our friends, just as he promised.

I got sunburned in addition to being roasted

After the rally, I'd planned to check out a new outlet mall in Marana which was the subject of a big hoopla the day it opened due to the jobs it would bring. However, my plan was thwarted after one of the tires on our car went flat. Thank goodness my husband bought a good spare tire some months back, but now we have to get another one. I refuse to leave the city limits, or ride on the highway without a spare tire in reserve cuz if another one of our tires goes flat, I don't want to be stranded somewhere. Fortunately, there are lots of tire shops on my side of town. It won't be a huge expense or hassle to get one.

And that was how I spent my Saturday. 

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