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Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Short Review of Beer: Johnny Appleseed Hard Apple Cider

Hello again, dear readers!

I have not forgotten about the apple ciders I bought all those months back in my mix-n-match six pack! Tonight, I decided to break out one of those apple ciders to warm me from the chill in the air.

Fresh out of the fridge, Johnny Appleseed!

Since it was the easiest bottle in the back of the fridge to reach, I grabbed the one labeled Johnny Appleseed. Named for the illustrious apple farmer and transient storyteller of American folklore, the brew caught my attention on many previous trips to the grocery store, but I never bought a six pack to try. Thanks to that sampler six pack, I now had an opportunity to do so at minimal cost.

Having sampled previous apple ciders, I've become accustomed to the sour taste that accompanies them. That being said, Johnny Appleseed is less sour and more sweet. In fact, the first thought that popped into my head as the cider hit my palette was how the taste reminded me of a green apple Jolly Rancher candy. This is soon followed by the sour, vinegar like taste of hard cider. Its pale yellow color brings to mind apple juice, and with just a 5.5% alcohol content, it might well be juice!

As for what would pair well with Johnny Appleseed, I would stick with pork or fruity desserts. I've written in previous reviews of cider that pork and apples go well together, and by keeping the desserts fruity, there won't be too much conflict of taste. In this regard, I would not recommend drinking this cider if your meal has either beef, something acidic like spaghetti and red sauces (meat, marinara, etc), or has chocolate in it. The taste combination will make you gag!

Of note, as the cider warmed up to room temperature, it tasted less sour and more sweet. My husband took a sip and noted how sweet it was. However, he deemed it too fruity for his liking.

Overall, Johnny Appleseed cider is ok, but I didn't find anything remarkable about it that stood out. This is the sort of brew that I would buy only if it was in either a sampler pack or if it was on steep discount. It's not bad, but it's not exceptional. I've had better ciders.

For more information about Johnny Appleseed brewery, check out their website here.

As always, please drink responsibly

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