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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Antarctica's Cathedral

Happy Sunday, dear readers!

In honor of Epiphany, the day the Three Wise Men, Gaspar (sometimes spelled Casper), Melchior and Balthazar finally arrived at Our Lord's manger bearing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, I'm sharing this cool article I found on my Facebook feed earlier this evening.

Frozen crucifix

In Antarctica, at an Argentine research base, some resourceful scientists of the Faith managed to dig into the surrounding ice and make a cave that they established for use as a chapel. No doubt it took quite a bit of work to complete, but it's a fully functioning Catholic church. The article does not elaborate, but I'm guessing the priests who serve there are staffed on a rotating basis from various dioceses across the country.

I suppose "cathedral" might not be the best word to physically describe the cave church. But just as the massive stone buildings we know inspire awe and ethereal grandeur, so does the ice cave holding this church.

Scientists at prayer. Look at how the blue color of the ice makes this cave feel ethereal

You can read about Antarctica's cathedral here. All pictures in this post are from the site.

Antarctica's ice cathedral, like something from another world

Have a good week everyone!

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