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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Update: The Latest Changes To My Blog

Hello again, dear readers!

Day 12 of the challenge calls for an update. Since I keep up to date with my life on here fairly regularly, there are not many changes that you need to be alerted to. As for my blog, that has undergone some changes this past year.

Like housework, some changes need to be done

Since I'm still new to the whole "blogging for money" thing, I've been experimenting with affiliate links (those are the banners at the top of my page) and ad revenue. I will change banners from time to time if there is something I think you may be interested in. Blogging for money is not an easy thing and it will be a while before I see any substantial income, if at all. However, I believe there are lessons to be learned on this journey of mine as I figure out what works, what doesn't, and how much is the hit/windfall going to cost me.

I'm also trying to tighten things up so that not only will Google see my page and make it easier for you to find me. That, and make things so that when you're here, your experience is not a horrible one with ad eyesores and popups that get in the way of scrolling.

Finally, the layout has changed a bit since I resumed blogging. I found a background with fonts that I liked and rearranged a few things in the layout. I haven't ruled out changing the background again, but I don't see any point in doing so for the time being.

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