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Monday, January 4, 2016

Why You Need Sally Blankets

Happy Monday, dear readers!

I'm stretching my comfort zone a bit for the next few weeks. While perusing my Facebook feed as I often do, I came across a post from a blogger named Alana Le who issued a 21 day blogging challenge as a means of expanding readership of one's blog. Since I ultimately hope to earn a living by blogging, I decided to take part in the challenge to see what would come of it. It was free, and each day I would be emailed a prompt to write about on this blog.

Today's prompt covers a need. Since the focus of my blog is largely on life as a low-income family, "need" can be quite a large topic to cover. But if I had to narrow down "needs" away from the frivolous and to the bare essentials, I would have to say that every family, poor or not, needs a few Sally blankets in their lives.

My cat, White-chin, rests on a Sally blanket

Formally called disaster blankets or FEMA blankets, I knew them as "Sally blankets" since my husband and I would get ours from the local Salvation Army shelter. These dark grey-colored blankets are made from clean, reconstituted dryer lint and a bit of fireproofing material. They are meant to be disposable and often wear out quickly under the best of circumstances. Sally blankets are also free, which is why it's good to get some as often as possible and stockpile them for later use.

You might think that Sally blankets are only for poor people. You're wrong-Sally blankets are for everyone, regardless of status on the economic ladder!

What you may not be aware of is how multipurpose Sally blankets are. Since these are blankets, they can be used to cover one's body to keep warm at night or in place of fitted sheets on a mattress. In addition to bedding, they make great playmats for kids and can be used for moving heavy furniture across a floor. We've used our Sally blankets as curtains on many occasions to keep the cold out of the trailer or to divide a room for privacy. Our cats sleep on Sally blankets when it's cold out. My husband keeps a few old Sally blankets in the car for emergencies or seat covers and when he was homeless, he used old Sally blankets to cover the tent he lived in to keep the sun out in the summer and the warmth in during the winter.

Do they look nice? Not exactly. Are they useful? Hell yeah! With this horrible economy being what it is, function supersedes form any day. Life in poverty is hard, but it doesn't have to be unbearable.

For more information about the Salvation Army, check out their website here.

If you're interested in taking up the 21 day blogging challenge as well, here is the link to Alana Le's site where you too can learn more and sign up. It's free, so you have nothing to lose!

Thank you for reading and please share, comment, or subscribe to my blog.

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