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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My 2016 Bucket List

Hello again, dear readers!

Today is Day 2 of the 21 day blogging challenge. I've never been much for bucket lists, but they do have uses as goal setters. Here are ten things I want to do before the end of 2016.

Not quite the same bucket list as you have, Homer. Pic found here

  • Get pregnant. 
  • I want to give the baby a sibling and I plan to start trying after she turns 1. 12 months is a good age to start trying for a sibling, since the kids won't be too far apart in age and it will be easier for them to relate to each other.

  • Figure out what wines I like. 
  • I'm primarily a beer drinker, but I've been wanting to venture into the wine side of alcohol consumption when I have the funds to do so. Wine was something I never bothered with before for reasons of class and income, but there are times when it is preferable to beer.

  • Change the oil in the car by myself from beginning to end. 
  • Regardless of gender (though it's especially important for females), knowing how to do basic car maintenance is greatly empowering. Unscrupulous mechanics are less likely to take advantage of you if you can do the work yourself.

  • Start a beauty vlog. 
  • Makeup and beauty are two big vices of mine because they are my confidence boosters and help make my impoverished life a bit more bearable. I also have been known to binge watch beauty tutorials on Youtube for days. I want to start my own beauty channel for women who are new to makeup, but can't afford the more expensive brands like MAC which are the staple of just about every beauty vlogger's cosmetic arsenal. If I can find an affordable video camera with good resolution, that would be a huge boon to any vlogging I do. Until then, I suppose I can duct tape my cellphone to the back of my computer and use it as a webcam. It's a ghetto solution, but it'll work for the time being.

  • Get my travel papers updated.
  • If the Republicans win the elections this year, we may be taking a permanent vacation out of the US. My husband suffered terribly under the Bush regime, and he will not risk the wrath of whatever fascist asshole who faps to Ayn Rand and swallows the cum of certain Middle Eastern leaders gets the presidency.

  • Take a trip into the mountains with my family.
  • I live in Arizona, which is renowned for its natural beauty. Here in Southern Arizona, there are no shortage of mountains and national parks with hiking trails within driving distance. It's not everyday that people get to live in such a naturally beautiful region. I really should take advantage of it more often.

  • Work to expand my blog and any income I get from it.
  • This is a given. I'm still figuring out the whole blogging-for-money thing because I did it as a hobby for so long. This includes taking the time to learn all the technical jargon associated with marketing and maintaining a blog. Maybe one day, I'll be able to pay for a domain and migrate off of Blogspot for good. Or, I just might keep this account. Google and Blogspot have been good to me, and that's a big reason to stay.

  • Take part in a conference.
  • This one has both a professional and a personal side. On the professional side, I would like to attend a conference for help in expanding my blog and making money from it. On the personal side, some of my interests like henna tattoos and makeup have conventions that I would like to attend just because the subject interests me. Of course, I would first have to be able to pay for the travel and lodging expenses, which is why I haven't gone to any conferences of any sort so far. Now if any of these conferences were to come here to my part of Arizona, I'd happily find a way to attend.

  • Reconcile with some long-standing family feuds.
  • This is a bit of a long stretch, but it would be nice if I could reconcile some of the family feuds I got caught up in that threw my life into turmoil. Some progress has been made already, which is good. I want to take that progress further.

  • Grow in faith, every way I can
  • Pope Francis has designated this year to be the Year of Mercy. I could use some mercy and become more charitable towards others in the name of my Catholic Faith. Our Carmelite other church and the Latin Mass church we attend can be sources of great help in this regard.

What's on your bucket list for this year?

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