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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christ is Born! Indeed He is Born!

Hristos se Rodi! Vaistinu se Rodi! Srecan Bozic svima! (Christ is Born! Indeed He is Born! Merry Christmas everyone!)

"Peace of Christ, Christ is Born!" Pic found here

I would like to take a moment to wish all of my Eastern Orthodox readers and family members a Merry Christmas. Having grown up Serbian Orthodox, I remember the burning of the Badnjak (Yule Log) on Christmas Eve and then going to church on Christmas morning before going over to either my grandma's cousin's home or my grandma's home for lunch. With the exception of Christmas 2010 when my mom was hospitalized following a minor accident, Christmas always held fond memories for me. And yes, we would open our presents on this day too.

Even though I am no longer Serbian Orthodox, I will continue to observe Orthodox Christmas because of the traditions surrounding it. My fervent Serbian nationalism couldn't keep me in the Orthodox Church anymore, but it didn't die when I became Catholic either.

In honor of Orthodox Christmas, I'll post a few traditional Serbian Christmas songs I remember singing as a youth. Enjoy!

"Oh Yule Log, Oh Yule Log" traditionally sung while the Badnjak is being burned

Traditional Christmas hymn praising the birth of Jesus

"Christmas Christmas Blessed Day"

Serbian rendition of "Jingle Bells". Not exactly traditional, but I remember singing a version of this at a church Christmas concert as part of the Sunday School kids choir

"Silent Night". The song is actually of German/Austrian origin, but I too recall singing a version of it as a kid in the Sunday School choir. I don't remember whether this was the same version I sang or not, but we did a rendition of it.

Have a blessed holiday and please don't forget to share, comment, and subscribe!

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