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Friday, December 18, 2015

A Christmas Miracle

It's the weekend!

Today we received a special shipment in the mail from my in-laws in Texas. My mother in law spent a few weeks carefully packing her annual Christmas care package to send to us. In addition to some family heirlooms, she got my husband's sisters to pitch in as well with toys and other goodies. After she mailed it off at the post office and sent us the tracking number, the package disappeared from the radar. We were all furious, assuming someone in the post office had either lost or stolen our Christmas presents, and prepared to face the possibility that we would never see these items again. My MIL had thankfully insured the package and was getting ready to file a claim when my husband walked outside this morning to round up the cats for their morning feed, and saw that our mail carrier had dumped the package over the fence earlier in the day. It made its way here safe and sound.

There were two boxes in the large box that came. This one above

And this small box as well

After a delightful call to MIL to let her know of the unexpected boon, we proceeded to open it up and see what was inside. In addition to some family heirlooms, the baby got a few toys, I got some bath goodies, and my husband got some candy, a gift card, and a little money for cat food. The baby was especially delighted with a toy remote control from Fisher-Price that lit up and made noises when she pressed on the buttons. It'll be the only remote control she ever sees in our house, since TV is something we avoid like the plague.

The baby plays with a plushy turtle

Vintage-style Christmas ornaments from my husband's aunt

Me holding a Santa ornament from his grandmother's Christmas Tree

Vintage Christmas ornaments from 1962, my hubby's first Christmas

Vintage Virgin Mary statue that belonged to my MIL

Earlier in the week, we were contacted by our friends in the Latin Mass church's St. Vincent de Paul Society chapter. Our Christmas presents, donated by a wealthier parish in town, were ready and we needed to come pick them up. Since my husband had a paycheck waiting for him at the temporary employment agency that needed to be collected, it would not be out of our way to get our goodies. Those have not been opened, and are sitting underneath the tree like proper presents should.

After nearly a week of missing from all tracking records and presumed stolen, to have my MIL's Christmas package show up intact was downright miraculous. This is shaping up to be a very happy Christmas season.

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