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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you, dear readers.

It has been an exhausting 24 hours. Last night, in a change-up from our normal routine, we went to Midnight Mass at our Latin Mass church instead of our other church. I'm not entirely sure what inspired this change, but we first stopped by our family friend's to work on her computer and then we went to church. For the holiday, I went all-out doing full-face makeup and wearing my red and gold sari. My beauty tutorial binge watching paid off big time as my makeup would earn me complements all throughout the evening.

Christmas selfie, in my makeup and attire

Makeup in better detail. Not bad for my first time doing it

After we arrived in the parking lot and were walking towards the elevator, I noticed an uncomfortably familiar looking vehicle in the parking lot. It was a white Honda Accord that looked suspiciously like our daughter's disgraced godfather's "hellride" (after he bought that car, he stopped going to church and started working more to pay for the damn thing. Hence, the "hellride"). I couldn't see all the details because of where it was parked, but even though I hadn't seen the car in over two months, I was sure it was his.

Sure enough, we stepped into church and I saw him in the Confession line. Fortunately, my husband quickly ushered me to a seat in the front pew so as to prevent me from marching right up and putting my fist through his former friend's face. Later on, our daughter's disgraced godfather came up to say that he would not be staying for Midnight Mass. I stiffly wished him a Merry Christmas, even though it took everything I had to keep my hands folded placidly in my lap and not flying for his throat. My husband congratulated me on my show of restraint after his former friend left. I wanted a stiff drink, but would wait after Mass to get it.

Canon Bill placing Baby Jesus in the creche

Fortunately, Mass itself was a beautiful event. The choir was in good form and our daughter's godmother was in attendance, which made the occasion considerably better. Also a boon-the baby slept through the entire Mass, something she hadn't done since she was a newborn making her public debut to the church. We ended the night by watching the full moon and playing a video of "Silent Night" in German.

At our other church, the Christmas Day Mass was at 10AM, so we scrambled to get dressed and get there on time. We were late, unfortunately, but we were able to hear the sermon and see a few friends and favorite priests. I was relieved not to see our daughter's disgraced godfather anywhere near the premises. If he went at all, I assume it was to the Latin Mass church.

Baby's Christmas attire. Her Prebaka got her that outfit

Hubby at the Nativity scene at our other church

When we finally arrived home, it was time to change into more comfortable clothes and open presents. The baby got lots of presents from various friends and family members. Hubby and I got a few goodies too, but most of it was for the baby.

Christmas glamour, day two

Baby opens her first present!

She got a toy kitty! Vtech makes some damn good kids toys

Who needs toys when I can play with the box!

Our daughter's disgraced godfather took a good step towards reconciliation with this present for her. I'd been wanting to get her an Avengers article of clothing for a while. Superheroes aren't just for boys.

I got a selfie stick!

Close-up of the baby with my selfie stick

Someone enjoyed her first Christmas very much

And that was how I spent my Christmas. Good night everyone!

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