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Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Windfall

A merry Christmas Eve to you all!

The material joy of the season has come a few days early. While I'm not much of a consumer owing to my low income status, I was thrilled to discover some unused gift cards from Target and Walmart that were given to us as Christmas presents last year. When we moved from our old trailer into this new one, I tossed the gift cards in a box along with other odds and ends, put it in the closet, and forgot about it. I only rediscovered the cards recently after I was looking through boxes in the bedroom for some vintage ornaments to put on the tree. A quick check online confirmed that the gift cards not only were still valid, but had some money on them. We could finally get some Christmas presents for ourselves!

Behold, my newly upgraded makeup kit. I can now fulfill my grandmother's request that I put some effort into my appearance on Sundays and special occasions.

We did buy a few needed items with our gift cards, but I used what was left over to finally buy some long overdue cosmetic items and seriously upgrade my makeup game. I now have properly matched foundations (one a tinted moisturizer and the other a full-on liquid foundation for when more heavy-duty coverage is needed), concealer, bronzer, blush, lip products, and even a new set of face brushes! I will be doing reviews of the products in an upcoming post, but for now, I can sit back and enjoy the gifts from my unexpected windfall. With tonight being the Midnight Mass, what better opportunity do I have now to debut my new look.

Merry Christmas.

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