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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Christmas Tree

Hi everyone!

Since Christmas is 23 days away, it's time to think about getting a tree.

Growing up, my family had a plastic Christmas tree that they would drag up from the basement and set up in the foyer, which they still do today. That tree is older than I am, as my parents bought it when they got married in the mid-80s. Since I was raised Serbian Orthodox, the tree didn't come down till after January 7, Orthodox Christmas. For the right price, I wouldn't mind us getting a plastic tree, except my husband disagrees most strongly with that decision. In his family, they got a real tree for Christmas every year. Since this is the baby's first Christmas, he wanted to make it special for her by getting a real Christmas tree.

Me at age 2, standing next to our Christmas tree

Unlike the Griswolds, we have neither the funds nor the space to put a large tree in our home. I had something along the lines of a Charlie Brown tree in mind, though not quite as bare.

That size is perfect! Pic found here

Since we are a computer family, I was thinking once we got the tree to decorate it with old computer parts. We have a surplus of obsolete and shitty hard drives, RAMs, and the "star" at the top can be a penguin nightlight in honor of our preferred operating system, Linux! Besides, the cats are gonna be climbing into it and knocking it over as cats are wont to do, so it's kinda pointless to make it fancy.

Your move, Pinterest. Pic found here

This is gonna be fun.

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