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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Picture of the Day

Hi everyone!

Here is a cuteness picture I caught yesterday at the fish fry!

She ate a lemon, in addition to some of my enchiladas.

Yes, she ate a lemon and didn't freak out over it. I didn't expect she would because I drank alot of lemon-flavored drinks while I was pregnant with her.

My child is not like other children. She eats the same things we big people eat with with minimal modifications. Cabbage and taters, tomatoes, turnip and mustard greens, chili, beans n rice, jambalaya, etc. she eats it all! In fact, the only time she didn't like something we fed her was some commercially produced baby food that was supposed to be garden vegetables but looked like a radioactive green mush that tasted as terrible as it looked. It helps having a toothless old man for a husband who knows how to cook good food to expand her palette, but render the food in an edible format.

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