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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Preview

Good evening, dear readers.

A much closer representation of what we're looking to buy. Just imagine it covered in leaves and more weather-beaten. Pic found here

Today was the day I got to see the car. After contacting the owner of the car and getting a time window of when she'd be home, we put the baby in her stroller and walked around the block to the house so I could see the car.

After the owner came out to unlock the gate and let us in, I finally got a good look at the car. It had been sitting outside in the front yard for a while, as there were leaves and branches pooled up all around the windows. There was also some rust on the hood, but it wasn't in overall bad shape like many a true Arizona car. A peek under the hood revealed a motor that was not weathered or leaky, but it needed a battery and there were cobwebs that needed to be brushed out. The car itself was straight steel and had both a towing hitch on the bumper and a grate in the front for pushing cars. This thing was a workhorse, and the owner described how her late husband used to tow a trailer with it in the summer.

As for the interior of the car, it was in desperate need of vacuuming and dusting, but everything else looked alright except for a missing instrument panel. The upholstery showed no signs of rodent infestation or rot. Sure enough, it was manual transmission as I saw the clutch pedal next to the brake and long gas pedals. It took me a second to see what was where because the floor and interior needed to be vacuumed. The side panels were beat up and kinda rusty, but it didn't bother me too much because that can all be painted over or covered. I didn't even care that the windows were crank operated since I was so used to having a window that works only half the time anyway. The only problems I noticed was that the back door didn't catch when we closed it and the front door was a little tough to close because the hinges were dry. The tires were also in need of some fix-a-flat, but it wasn't a big deal.

It will take a few more visits to the owner's property with the battery and some starter fluid to see if the car will start first, and then get it cleaned up to a bare minimum of suitability for driving. Now we work on gathering the funds. I was pleased with the car and I hope we can acquire it soon.

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