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Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Short Review of Beer: Fat Tire Amber Ale

It's time once again, dear readers, for another beer review!

Fat Tire, the beer supposedly inspired by a trip to Europe

Today's review covers a brew from the Colorado-based New Belgium Brewing Company, Fat Tire amber ale. Fat Tire came first to my attention about five or six years ago when a blogging buddy of mine recommended them as one of his favorite beers. Since then, I'd seen them in the grocery store, but never thought to try them until recently. Thank goodness I finally got a tax return of substance and actually have a little money to spend (just sayin', it pays to have kids...).

I've mentioned before that I'm generally not a fan of ales because I find them to be too bitter for my taste. Fat Tire, however, was more mild than I anticipated. It's definitely malty, which I like because malt is not bitter. However, the hops are there but don't overpower the beer. The aftertaste is quite pleasant too, like a good loaf of bread. I'm not crazy about ales, but this one is a keeper. My palette has been expanded significantly.

As for what foods pair well with Fat Tire, I found it went well with the catfish and homemade Cajun fries we had for dinner last night. The fish and Zatarain-seasoned potatoes balanced out the malty taste of the beer. I also had Fat Tire with my beef and broccoli stir fry, baked beans, as well as beefaroni throughout this week for experimental purposes and while I wouldn't recommend the beans and beer pairing (not unless you want to fart like a cartoon in a Monty Python sketch all night!), the Fat Tire wasn't so bad with the beefaroni. It's a mostly decent all-purpose beer, and at 5.2% ABV, you won't get sloshed on it either.

Overall, I was generally pleased with Fat Tire. I will definitely be buying it again, and I will also be trying New Belgium's other varieties of brews. After a disappointing miss from Stella Artois, Belgian-style brewing has made a successful hit with my palette!

For more on the New Belgium brewing company, check out their website here.

As always, please drink responsibly.

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