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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Why You Should Keep Plastic Bottles

Good evening, dear readers! I hope your day is well and that you're looking forward to enjoying the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday with your loved ones.

I am thankfully almost done with this 21 day blog challenge! This is the second to last prompt at day 20. Like a number of prompts over the course of this challenge, it was a bit tough to think of something from my impoverished lifestyle that would fit with what the prompt was asking. As someone who is poor, there are lots of things I can think of which qualify as "should keep" such as clothes, shoes, tools and hardware, electronics, whatever money you can keep in the bank account so as to maintain a roof over one's head, etc. With so many items classified as "should keep", it's easy to become a hoarder if you're poor. It was challenging to narrow these various possessions down to one specific item. After some deliberation, I've come to the conclusion that plastic bottles are probably the most useful item you can keep and here's why.

Plastic, as we all know, is very common. Almost everything we use has plastic in it in one form or another, from clothes to cups and cars. But the kind of plastic I had in mind which should be kept is the ordinary 2L plastic pop (or soda, depending on your dialect preference) bottle. Smaller or other sizes are acceptable, but I specifically had 2L bottles in mind because they are so commonplace and cheap (depending on where you go, a 2L bottle of pop can sell for as little as $0.79 USD).

Isn't this a cute way to upcycle! Pic found here

2L plastic bottles can be put to use in a number of ways. They can be refilled with water or another desired beverage for drinking. They can also be filled with water and frozen to make ice packs to put in a cooler. Premixed plant food can be conveniently stored in 2L pop bottles for easy deployment when plants need a nutritional boost. Bottles can also be cut and utilized as planters, funnels, storage containers for kids crafts, and art projects. There are lots of things you can do with a 2L pop bottle!

When the bottle is no longer of use, you can recycle it. Plastic pop bottles are recyclable and if your trash removal company doesn't offer recycling as part of their services, have a look on Google and see if there are recycling centers in your area that accept plastic. The price per pound of plastics vary but it generally isn't very high, so reach out and see who is offering the most money for your plastic bottles. You might be lucky to get a few dollars worth out of your bags of plastic pop bottles and break even on gas money.

What do you do with plastic bottles? Let me know in the comments below.

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